Our Team

John H. Armbrust: Founder and Chairman

John Armbrust is the Founder and Chairman of Armbrust Aviation Group. Since 1982 Mr. Armbrust has utilized his comprehensive economic market knowledge and hands-on experience in equities, commodities trading, publishing and consulting to become the premier expert on world aviation fueling issues. Armbrust has also positioned AAG as the world's preeminent chronicler of information and events impacting the aviation fuel industry. AAG's flagship publication, the World Jet Fuel Report (JFR) is in its 20th year of publication. The company also publishes the AAG Daily Briefing, which covers the aviation industry with a global view and New Fuels Report (NFR) covering alternative jet fuels. In addition AAG publishes fact books and specialized reports, as well as, hosting Annual Conferences and Executive Sessions and held its 17th Annual Awards Banquet to honor industry excellence. Armbrust speaks regularly at industry and company conferences, appears on major media broadcasts and publishes position papers. AAG maintains joint ventures with major multinational companies active in aviation, oil and infrastructure. In April 2012, AAG co-hosted with China National Aviation Fuel Group Corporation (CNAF) the first China International Aviation Fuel Conference and Exhibition in Beijing, China.

Early in his career Armbrust was Vice President of Equity Trading for two established Wall Street firms - Paine Webber and Dean Witter Reynolds in Miami, Florida. His career in the oil and petroleum industries began as Vice President, Petroleum Finance Company in Washington DC. He negotiated with National Oil Companies for the importation of petroleum products into the U.S. and was the first to develop formula pricing mechanisms for the importation of jet fuel from Latin America into Asia, Europe, Western Africa and the United States.

In 1984, Armbrust founded Pan American Petroleum Corporation to import petroleum products from Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) to markets in North America, Asia and Europe. During its peak year in 1986, the company imported over 70 cargoes of jet fuel, gasoline and gasoline additives valued at over $500 million annually. The Company worked with National Oil Companies and major end-users - airlines, oil companies and gasoline producers - to develop pricing mechanisms for the importation of petroleum product into North America and was key in helping airlines source jet fuel directly from offshore suppliers.

In 1992, Armbrust Aviation Group (AAG) was incorporated in Palm Beach Gardens Florida and has become the industry's preeminent aviation fuel consulting and publishing company. In his capacity as industry consultant, Armbrust advised government agencies including the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) on the impact on jet fuel markets from oil company mergers in the 1990's, most notably, Exxon's acquisition of Mobil and British Petroleum's acquisition of ARCO and Amoco. His testimony regarding the impact of mergers and competition is part of the U.S. Congressional Record. Armbrust continues to consult on a global scale with National Oil Companies, Major Oil Companies, Airlines, Airports, Refiners, Infrastructure Companies, Private Equity Firms and Government agencies.

John H. Armbrust is the Chief Executive Officer of Florida Fuel Connection, LLC (FFC) a Palm Beach Gardens, Florida petroleum infrastructure company. The Armbrust Aviation Group jointly owns FFC, Inc. and is supported by strategic infrastructure partners - CSX Transportation and South Central Florida Express, Inc. FFC anticipates being fully operational by the first quarter of 2017 and at its peak will transport 240,000 per day of petroleum product into Florida and southeast Georgia, including gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel.




John K. Lawrence: Director of Business Development

Mr. Lawrence has been an award-winning Salesman and Sales Manager, a billion-dollar sales revenue business Owner, and Consultant and Vice President in banking and the residential mortgage industries for almost 30 years. As a sales originator, Mr. Lawrence won 5 annual awards as the #1 sales Originator at the top private lender in New England, Assurance Mortgage and earned several awards as the Premier Branch Manager and Salesman. In 1999, Mr. Lawrence left Assurance and teamed with his partner to start and build Summit Mortgage in Boston. From its inception, Summit Mortgage grew to be nationally recognized by Inc. Magazine as the # 46 largest lender in the United States and was chosen by Boston Business Journal as the # 1 private lender in New England. Mr. Lawrence was instrumental in that growth; managing everything from sales to recruiting, hiring and training, and counted on for leading the direction of this fast growing company.

Due to Mr. Lawrence’s superior sales skills, financial / analytical background and customer service knowledge, he supervised the sales force that grew to 84 retail originators who generated total sales which exceeded $1.4 billion annually, while still maintaining his status as one of Summit’s top 3 sales originators. As Executive Vice President and Sales Manager of Summit Mortgage, Mr. Lawrence was also instrumental in management decisions that dealt with outside lenders, warehouse lines and day-to-day operations. Following the sale of Summit Mortgage in July, 2006, Mr. Lawrence has been a Vice President at VirtualBank in charge of the growth of a national residential lending platform and Relationship Manager for the bank’s high net worth clientele. Most recently as a Vice President and Office Manager for the Goldwater Taplin Group, he has been consulting nationally to insurance carriers, government regulators and politicians, banks, lending institutions, and commercial clients regarding innovative sales and operations platforms, mergers and acquisitions, and business development.  All this while still managing the day-today-day operations of this national consulting group.

Mr. Lawrence is a graduate of the School of Business of the University of Richmond with a BS/BA in Marketing and Finance. He resides in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida with his wife and is a tremendously competitive athlete; primarily enjoying basketball, tennis and golf while continuously leading local church and social volunteer efforts.

John is the Director of Business Development for the Florida Fuel Connection (FFC) and is instrumental in the liaisons between FFC management and the facilities’ acquisitions, engineering, state and local political groups, and end subscribers.

Jon Currier: Engineering and Logistics Programmer

Jon Currier has more than 30 years of specialized liquid fuels consulting experience with projects ranging from a refining facility to hundreds of downstream terminals and distribution systems. The liquid distillate projects he has led include a wide spectrum of systems - from fuel recovery packages and blending systems to extensive and elaborate facilities dispensing over 100,000 bbls daily. Mr. Currier is a recognized leader within the aviation fueling marketplace and the design consulting industry that supports it. With a majority of his experience in jet fuel, gasoline and diesel fuel, he has programmed, designed and managed a wide range of petroleum liquid projects that have involved the varying logistics of rail loading and unloading, truck loading racks, pipeline infrastructure, aircraft hydrant delivery systems and marine receiving systems.

Over the past 20 years, Mr. Currier has employed a hands-on approach to project management and has led each project by first assembling teams that are made up of recognized specialists from within the liquid fuels marketplace. His approach has been to tailor the design and construction team to meet specific needs and expectations of his clients. Mr. Currier therefore maintains design integrity of his projects by working routinely with select national and regional firms to bring the best and most talented firms and professionals to each team; he selects from a cadre of experienced and reliable experts in response to project-specific challenges.

To address site specific issues, Mr. Currier’s approach to project delivery incorporates local consultants and support firms to gain valuable insight into local conditions and permitting requirements. Mr. Currier has demonstrated his ability to lead the process of design and provide deliverables for any size project and from inception to operations.

Mr. Currier’s experience extends throughout the United States. During his first 5 years, he grew into both technical and managerial roles in construction management, design and commissioning efforts on projects exceeding $1 billion each. His early experience in the power and petrochemical industries included three roles which continue to influence his technical design and consulting practice: licensed contractor, construction engineer and construction contracts manager.

Mr. Currier founded two nationally recognized consulting engineering firms that specialize in design and construction of bulk terminals and aviation fueling. His core valves of integrity, accountability and teamwork shape his practice and permeate his staff.

Throughout the past three years, (from 2012 to now), Mr. Currier has been the engineering and logistics programmer for the multiproduct facilities that have been conceived by the FFC. As principal, project manager and chief systems engineer, Mr. Currier developed facility layouts for each site after establishing an estimated throughput for each liquid market (gasoline, diesel and jet). Mr. Currier developed a proprietary analysis framework to establish a number of foundational market estimates for varying sites using facility fees projected by FFC and comparing existing costs of delivery/operation at competing deep-water port locations within Florida. The work products of these analyses included estimated throughput volumes (by product) for each potential FFC facility. Mr. Currier then optimized the sites that were investigated by sizing tanks and fuel receipt/storage/delivery systems to suit the product throughput and then include comprehensive estimates of concepts ranging from utility infrastructure to market delivery. This then allowed Mr. Currier to develop conceptual construction pricing for several of the proposed FFC facilities; this information was then used by FFC to plan, set fees and assess ROI. The logistics and infrastructure of each proposed site suited the multiproduct nature of the FFC facilities, which included marine unloading, storage, fuel quality, transport loading, truck receipts, rail loading, rail make-up, and rail unloading. Ancillary systems including spill containment, fire protection, controls, communications, emergency power, security and many more were conceptualized. Multiple iterations and designs were rendered by Mr. Currier in response to varying site locations, configurations and FFC opportunities. Mr. Currier continues to support the FFC development effort as needed.